Monitoring of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining.

Mining overview

Graph showing Bitcoins earned per day

Insightful graphs makes it easy get a sense of your mining at a glance.

Monitor your mining pools with graphs for pool balance, earnings per day, worker uptime etc.

Be informed

Bitmon monitors your mining workers around the clock and notifies you as soon as a worker starts to perform badly or stops completely.

You are able to set an individual hashrate threshold for every mining pool worker you have and are notified as soon as a drop in hashrate is detected.

Extensive support

Table showing pool balances

All the common mining pools like CEX, Slush's Pool, Multipool, Bitminter etc. are supported with more being added continuously, and Bitmon supports all the cryptocurrenies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin etc. in addition, fiat currencies like USD, CAD, DKK etc. used by those mining pools.

View the list of supported mining pools, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Bitmon reports to you

Monitoring your mining pools enables Bitmon to generate great reports that include your mining yield, broken down for each mining pool.

In the reports is also a calculated fiat value based on the latest exchange rate.

The report is available in a daily and weekly interval.

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Bitmon is currently free and will stay free as long as possible.

Sign up is simple and takes less than a few minutes to get everything set up, even if you are using many different pools.

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