Bitmon is currently in open beta, most features should be implemented, but might still need some refinement.

Bitmon is an aggregating monitor for your cryptocurrency mining operations.

Bitmon allows you to monitor the mining pools you use, gather current balances, worker hashrates and presents it to you with beautiful graphs, detailed tables and daily or weekly reports.

Keeps track on more than just Bitcoins

Bitmon continuously gather currency balances for various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Namecoin, LX Coin, Devcoin and others for insightful graphs that are easy to interpret.

A high data retention allows for great statistical analysis of your mining operations.

Multi-worker support

Bitmon keeps track of all your workers and enables you to set individual hashrate thresholds, whenever a worker drops below the defined threshold, Bitmon will notify you via email.

A history of your worker hashrates are also stored to give you insight in the performance of your workers and enables you to insure workers are kept above the hashrate threshold*.

Keep up to date with reports

With the gathered balances, Bitmon is able to generate a yield report for your mining operations that can choose to opt-in to receive weekly, daily or even both.

The report includes a total of mined currencies which are then also broken up into how much each pool earned in the past day or week, depending on what report is recieved.

The weekly report also includes detailed earnings for each day for every pool.

Register today for free

Bitmon is currently free and will stay free as long as possible with an option for better data retention and faster pool updates for a small monthly subscription coming soon.

Registration is simple and it takes less than a few minutes to get everything set up, even if you are using many different pools.